Tool booklet: How can teachers make the classroom safe and how can students be met with warmth and emotion? 
SAFE IN CLASS is a tool booklet designed to contribute to a safe and good learning environment. The toolkit has been developed in collaboration between pupils and professionals, based on knowledge from children across the country. It is also based on children’s fundamental rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

The tools have clear goals, equipment lists and estimated completion time. Hours means school hours.

The tools are for grade 1.-10, but must be adapted according to age and can be used in every classroom, in every school, every day.

If the school is to feel safe, human warmth from the adults is fundamental. It is also fundamental to feel safe among other children at school. Children need to know that they are being collaborated with by the teacher, in a good way, and that their opinions are important. They must also be confident that the adults at school are able to stop bad situations in safe ways. 

Knowledge directly from children shows resoundingly that feeling safe leads to better learning and increased well-being.

Contents of the tool:
PART 1: 
The foundation for the tools
PART 2: Tools for safety
PART 3: Tools for warmth & feelings
PART 4: Tools for collaboration
PART 5: Tools for stopping safely
PART 6: To the school administration

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