Tool booklet: The Life Lesson is a talking lesson for children and young people, where they can practice putting their feelings into words. One piece of advice from children is that pupils need to talk more about how they feel about school and life. This allows them to get to know each other properly, which makes them feel more safe. Safe pupils learn best. Teachers say they spend less time on conflict resolution after they started LIFE SKILLS.

Themes to talk about in the class LIFE can be, for example, expectations, what is a good friend, how to resolve an argument, how to include others, social media, grief, anger, bullying and exclusion. The teacher leads the class in a way that makes it safe to share thoughts with each other.

The tool has been tested in 21 schools in five cities as part of a pilot school collaboration with Changefactory since 2017. More and more schools are putting the class LIFE on their timetable. Thank you for a quick happy-message to if you are starting the class LIFE at your school.

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