How can we help young people before they start using drugs? What is useful help from help systems and schools? What must change in Norway?

58 young people who have struggled with drug-use share their knowledge in the report “Wisdom about drug abuse”. The goal is for Norway to get helpful and collaborative systems, built on knowledge from young people with experience from drug-use.
The report is built on Changefactory´s idea that we must listen to those who will receive the help to know what is helpful. The need for more knowledge from young people who struggle with drugs came out clearly in the survey Mental Health Pros (Changefactory and the Council for Mental health, 2014). A clear answer from many young people who are struggling is that substance abuse is an escape.
“Many of us have tried drugs and some of us have struggled a lot with drug-use. With the drugs we can escape from what feels painful inside and run away from pains in my mind or my body” (From the magazine Mental Health Pros) Wisdom about drug abuse is a survey conducted in collaboration between Changefactory and the Council for Mental Health. The project is funded by ExtraStiftelsen. The report was published in 2018.

Part 1: Reasons for drug-use
Part 2: The different services
Part 3: Life after drugs

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