Films about kindergarten being safe for us

The films below are based on the knowledge from the report: “Safe for Us (2022).” The children in the videos present some of the main responses from the report.

Questions for children in kindergartens:

The following questions can be asked to children in kindergartens, for example, during group gatherings or one-on-one interactions, to gather valuable advice on how adults can make the kindergarten as safe as possible.

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We only provide passwords upon requests from kindergarten supervisors in municipal administrations, professionals in kindergartens, or from kindergarten educational institutions. Passwords should not be shared with anyone other than professionals. In the email, please include your name, workplace, or similar information, and specify the context in which you want to access the films. Therefore, send the email from your work email address.

Adults who feel safe:

Questions for children in kindergartens:

1. How is a kind adult?
2. How can adults comfort children who are sad or angry?
3. How can adults show that they love the child?

Safe Adults 1

Safe Adults 2

Decide safely:

Questions for children in kindergartens:

1. How can adults make decisions in a kind manner?
2. What do children want to be involved in deciding?
3. Why do children want to be part in the decision-making process?
4. How does it feel for children when they get to be more involved in making decisions?

Deciding 1

Deciding 2

Talking safely:

Questions for children in kindergartens:

Why should adults talk to children before sharing something a child has said or done with other adults?

Talking safely

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