Changefactory has a sister organisation in Portugal. ComParte is 10 years old this year, when Changefactory is 20 years old. Combined we have gathered experiences and advice from children and young people in Norway and Portugal for 30 years!!!šŸ„³ This had to be celebrated, and so we had a meeting between pros, kickstart of a project together, and dialogues with national authorities in Portugal.

Pupils have, in both CF’s and ComParte’s work, explained how feeling safe in class and at school is fundamental for learning well. With funding from Erasmus+, we are now doing a project together. The goal is to gather pupils answers on how school can become a more safe space for pupils to learn. We received input from national school authorities and The National Commission for the Promotion of the Rights and the Protection of Children and Young People.

THANK YOUUU to pros and the team in ComParte, for wonderful and educational days together, and for the wonderful work you do for children and young people in PortugalšŸ„° We look forward to meeting in Norway next time. And CHEEEEERS to new decadesšŸŒŸ

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